Midge Hall Station Refurbishment Discussed in Parliament

South Ribble MP Katherine Fletcher passionately raised the campaign to reopen Midge Hall station and create a direct route from Preston to Liverpool without the need to travel via Wigan during Prime Minister’s Questions on January 10.

The Prime Minister lauded the idea as “fantastic.” Midge Hall station, dormant for over 60 years, holds the key to enabling passengers to disembark, enhancing connectivity. This initiative is integral to Network North, an ambitious project championed by Katherine to enhance connectivity in the northern regions.

The proposal involves utilizing advanced multi-mode 3rd rail/battery trains, offering a sustainable option for the route. Katherine, an advocate for the region, has engaged with Northern’s Regional Stakeholder Manager and Community and Sustainability Manager to further the cause. The next steps involve collaboration with local authorities and parliamentary debate to solidify the plan’s execution, heralding a promising era of improved rail travel for constituents. The Prime Minister expressed enthusiasm, pledging to utilize funds saved from the HS2 decision for comprehensive reinvestment in the North, underscoring the project’s potential impact on local communities.

Picture: Nigel Thompson/Wikipedia