City Bridge Apartments in former Booths store have been finished

New apartments on Glovers Court in Preston are set to be rented out following their development.

Work on City Bridge Apartments lasted several months and included the development of 14 new luxury apartments.

TSS Developments are the firm behind the apartments.

A spokesman for TSS said: “The Booths sign was taken down by Booths as they no longer needed it or owned the building.

“We wanted to keep this iconic piece of history on the bridge and the clock, as one of the focal points of our development.

“It needed a lot of TLC so we have revamped the inside and outside and used it to put our signage on.

“We have had amazing feedback from the general public passing by and how much they love the new sign which is great to hear.

“We’ve been hailed one of the most luxurious developments in Preston city centre and nothing like this exists in and around Preston.”

Developers behind the apartments have also placed their logo on the above bridge, formerly known as the Booths bridge, which can be seen from Fishergate.