Explore Festival Season 2023 Across Preston City Centre

Preston’s city centre hosted the Encounter Festival once again, featuring a three-day extravaganza of arts and activities throughout the city.

Spanning various locations such as the Bus Station, the Guild Hall vicinity, UCLan’s Adelphi Square with its Mobile Event Tent, the Flag Market, Winckley Square, and processions throughout the city, this year’s festival stood out as the largest to date.

The festival reached its pinnacle on Saturday evening with a fireworks display, concluding the day that commenced with a torchlight procession from Moor Park.

On Saturday, the community and traditions stage outside the Guild Hall on Lancaster Road came alive with a fusion of cultural performances, embodying a vibrant blend of traditions.

Sunday’s entertainment centred around Winckley Square, featuring family-friendly performances and Flood, captivating the audience with their distinctive live-action theatre as they traversed Fishergate, amusing and puzzling passersby.

Photographer Michael Porter was present to capture the essence of the Encounter Festival, and you can explore a plethora of event pictures on his Facebook page.