Homeless Refuge to Open Despite Objections from Neighbours

A refuge for 30 homeless people is set to be opened in Preston despite many objections and concerns from neighbours.

Lotus Sanctuary, which manages supported living for around 800 people across the UK, has been given the go-ahead to convert a former student block in Tulketh Road to help homeless people on the road to getting a place of their own.

However, many locals have raised concerns that this new refuge could lead to increased crime and anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood.

The city council’s housing standards team says: “Lotus Sanctuary will need to give a great deal of consideration towards ensuring that this intense use of the property by numerous persons who may have difficult backgrounds and potentially chaotic lifestyles does not impact on the community.”

Although aware of many residents concerns, the council have dismissed their worries stating: “It is acknowledged that there are genuine concerns about the potential for an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour with the property being changed into the use proposed.”

“However no assumptions can be made about how the new facility would operate, nor about the behaviour of the tenants who would live in this property.”