Plans For 5 New Houses In Fulwood Look Set To Be Approved

Plans for 5 new properties in Fulwood look set to be green-lighted, despite receiving 42 objections.

Decisions will be made by Preston City Council next week when developers are set to propose that land adjacent to Broughton Tower Farm in Tower Lane will be built on.

Paul Mayor is suggesting the building of 5 new homes, built in a cul-de-sac accessed from Tower Lane. Street lighting would also need to be erected.

Objections have been raised by local residents, one of which says the newbuilds would cause an “obstruction to privacy”.

The application was called in for determination by Preston City Council’s Planning Committee by coun David Walker. The call-in request refers to access, waste collection, ecological impacts, drainage, and the loss of an open field.

Two car parking spaces will be allocated per house.