Plans Revealed For £1m Road Safety Improvements In Preston

A £1m package of measures to improve road and cycle safety across Lancashire have been revealed.

A report to the council’s cabinet outlines a raft of measures which aim to reduce the number of incidents in places where there is a record of collisions.
The schemes to improve road safety include:

• £95,000 for a traffic calming scheme along Halton Road and Church Brow in Lancaster. This includes installing bus cushions, warning signs and road markings to make the road appear narrower and slow traffic as it enters Halton.

• £110,000 to extend the cycle lane on the A6 in Chorley from Dawson Lane to Factory Lane, improving safety for cyclists on this busy route, and improving cycling links with nearby Cuerden Valley Park.

• £45,000 to improve safety for pedestrians on Cadley Causeway in Preston. The scheme east of the junction with Mill Lane will involve installing a raised zebra crossing, traffic calming measures, and relocating a bus stop and speed camera.

• £120,000 to upgrade an existing zebra crossing to a puffin crossing near to the hospital and shops on Sharoe Green Lane in Preston.

• £50,000 for improved road markings and LED road studs to reduce the risk of incidents involving drivers losing control, and crossing the centre line, on the A59 Gisburn Road at Smithies Bridge in Ribble Valley.

The schemes to improve cycling safety include:

• £250,000 for variable electronic message signs on main entries into major towns across the county to promote cycle safety messages.

• £100,000 to provide red-light cameras at traffic signal junctions across the county which have a record of collisions involving cyclists and drivers going through red lights.

• £70,000 to introduce traffic calming and a cycle bypass on Ruff Lane, Ormskirk, between Edge Hill University and the town centre.

• In Lancaster, £25,000 for initial work to develop a safety scheme to improve safety for cyclists at the Shrimp Roundabout in Morecambe, and a further £25,000 to develop a scheme to improve cycling facilities at the roundabout junction on the A6 which gives access to M6 junction 33.

County Councillor Charlie Edwards, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Lancashire is a beautiful place to walk, cycle, ride a horse or go for a run. Our job is to ensure that it is safe for all users of our roads.

“We work with the police to monitor and analyse collisions and accidents and, where a pattern emerges in a particular location, we prioritise schemes to reduce the risk of similar incidents happening again.

“It’s great that more and more people are choosing to cycle for every day journeys, and as part of our work to encourage this trend to continue, we will also be carrying out a number of schemes to make cycling a safer, easier and attractive option for more people.”

If the programme is agreed in principle at the meeting on Thursday 10 June, detailed designs will be produced and, where necessary, public consultation will be held before any changes are made.