Preston sports hall to be flattened and replaced with one bedroom flats

Two new apartment complexes look set to be built as part of the City Living Strategy despite the ongoing Coronaviruus pandemic.

Two new apartment blocks have been earmarked for the city, with one taking over a former city centre sports hall vacant for more than a decade.

Proposals see the sports hall that currently sits on the corner of Mount Street and Garden Street be demolished with a seven-storey apartment block built in its place.

The 7-storey apartment block will consist of 47 flats with the majority being one bedroom properties.

Planning agents 1618 Architects says: “It is part of Preston’s ongoing regeneration process to produce more residential facilities within the city centre to increase Preston’s central population.

“With the vast majority of the surrounding buildings being with red brick, our proposed scheme will provide residential accommodation that will be to a modern accessible and inclusive standard and provide good living conditions for future occupiers whilst also maintaining the area’s visual context.”

The scheme would be welcome under the council’s City Living strategy which aims to increase the number of people living in Preston city centre to drive footfall and spend in Preston.

The proposal includes no affordable housing and has received 41 objections from local residents. Issues such as loss of light and privacy, and a lack of parking for new residents, have been put forward by complainants.