CGA Continue Their Plan To Build 600 Affordable Houses Across Preston

The Community Gateway Association have pledged to create 600 affordable new homes in Preston by 2024.

The CGA have submitted an application to Preston City Council that looks set to be approved. The application is for the construction of 35 new houses to be built along the Lancaster Canal.

The application outlines the plan to construct 35 houses on disused land near Tom Benson Way, near where Lancashire County Council are building the East-West Road Link that will be open to the public from 2023.

CGA filed the plans on July 6, days before announcing that they had raised £95m to fuel their first private investments, including building 600 affordable homes for rent in Preston by 2024.

Craig Garner, the CGA’s Executive Director of Resources, said: “This is a significant milestone for us.

“We are delighted to have secured this investment, which will enable us to drive forward our ambitious development programme to build a range of high-quality, modern homes that meet the needs of local residents.

“We would like to thank our partners who supported us over recent months to achieve this outcome.”

This mammoth project will kick off with a proposal to build 35 two and three bedroom houses on the canal front off Tom Benson Way.

The space was acquired by CGA following a land swap with UCLan on February 14 this year.

The company handed over a tract of land off Adelphi Street, adjacent to the University library, in exchange for the land at Tom Benson Way.

The application lays out plans for 17 two bed semi detached houses, eight three bed semis and ten three bed terraced houses.


Each unit will be given two car parking spaces, a garden and landscaping areas.

Mr Garner: “The intention is to provide a unified mix of high quality housing, designed to be locally distinctive yet adopt a similar vernacular to that of the surrounding area.

“The site has been designed to complement and respond to the surrounding area, create local identity and reduce antisocial behaviour.

“Well informed design and material choice will give the development longevity, and contribute to the townscape.”