Progress and Resolution Ahead for Cuerden Site Development

Today, as Lancashire County Council’s development control committee convenes to deliberate on the reimagined vision for “Lancashire Central,” it marks a pivotal step forward from the original plan set for an IKEA store. Following IKEA’s departure in 2018, the revised blueprint aims to create a dynamic landscape encompassing retail spaces, dining hubs, residences, and more.

The authority is itself the applicant seeking permission from the independent committee of county councillors for a scheme that would see the creation of retail units, food and drink outlets, a drive-through restaurant, car showrooms, a leisure centre, health facility and more than 100 new homes – although industrial, storage and office space would make up the majority of the proposed development

Amidst the legal intricacies surrounding developer selection, these challenges underscore the council’s steadfast commitment to upholding fair procedures and transparent governance. Lancashire County Council remains resolute in navigating this situation, ensuring alignment with legal guidance while preserving the integrity of the development process.