National Newspaper The Telegraph Praises Preston

Preston Town Centre

National newspaper The Telegraph recently highlighted Preston’s Fishergate high street in a positive review, emphasising its proud and historic nature alongside its enterprising spirit, despite the writer mentioning some rain during his visit.

Christopher Howse, the journalist behind the review, explored a snippet of what Preston has to offer and praised Fishergate for its vibrant character. He described the area as friendly and unexpectedly welcoming, noting its cheerful ambience.

During his stay, Howse took note of some differences between Fishergate and his usual London scenery. He observed earlier shop closures and quieter evenings but appreciated the warmth of interactions with locals, showcasing the friendliness he encountered on Saturday mornings among shoppers.

Acknowledging Preston’s landmarks like the Bus Station and the Market Hall, Howse expressed his appreciation for these iconic sites.

Mark Whittle from Preston BID echoed the positive sentiments, affirming the high street’s proud, historic, and cheerful essence. He highlighted the challenges faced by high streets nationwide but emphasised Preston’s resilience and hopes for a successful Christmas season for local businesses.

Click Estates takes pride in Preston’s recognition on a national platform and celebrates the city’s vibrant high street culture showcased in publications like The Telegraph. In an era dominated by online shopping, Preston’s bustling high street stands as a testament to community resilience and traditional retail experiences. As a local establishment,we cherish and support the city’s endeavours to maintain a thriving physical marketplace. The acknowledgement in national newspapers reaffirms Preston’s unique charm and resilient spirit, fostering a sense of local pride. We remain dedicated to contributing to and promoting the enduring appeal of Preston’s high street, encouraging the community to embrace and cherish the vibrant hub that stands against the tide of digital retail.

Pic: Tony Worrall