Healthcare Centre In Fulwood Set For Approval

Fulwood’s new healthcare centre looks set for approval despite objections from local residents and businesses.

The three-storey mega doctors surgery is planned for land on the site of the former Little Sisters of the Poor care home in Garstang Road. The site was previously Springfield Manor Gardens but will be demolished ahead of the new proposed Healthcare centre. The building has been tabled by HSB Group, who suggested the idea in October 2018.

The proposals will see 25,000+ patients registered and will combine Lytham Road, Mediacom, Beech Drive, Moor Park and Drs Robb surgeries. The healthcare will include a dentists, pharmacy, opticians, cafe and an external area for recreation.

Over 20 people have objected to the plans with concerns about traffic congestion topping the list. Lancashire County Council’s highways department have not objected to the scheme.

United Utiities have raised concerns about the rates of discharge in the flood risk assessment for the site.

Planning officers have recommended the scheme for approval.