Preston Ranks In Top 10 For Post-Lockdown Recovery

Preston has been ranked in the top 10 for UK town’s and city’s highstreet recovery following lockdown.

According to data released by Dojo, which was compiled after studying Google Maps data, shows that Preston ranks in ninth place for people returning to work.

Dojo compared the footfall at the height of the pandemic in mid-January 2021 and when restrictions started to lift in mid-April 2021 to find out which cities and towns are phasing back into the workplace, and Preston ranked one of the highest.

Preston saw a 15% increase in ‘workplace footfall’, narrowly beating Liverpool who came in at 10th.

Our neighbours towards the sea, Blackpool, ranked 4th with 16%.

Although the city’s workplace footfall is still 21 per cent below pre-pandemic levels, the data shows that the city is phasing back to work more than any other on the list.

The data shows that although people are still not back to work as much as pre-pandemic levels, the easing of restrictions means there is a gradual move back into the city centre to commercial offices and places of work.