UK’s most popular property hot-spots and Preston features in the list

Zoopla have released new statistics to demonstrate the “Property Hotspots” across the UK and Preston tops the list.

Appearing 4th, the average sold price for Preston properties is £186,000. Zoopla’s statistics are a result of research conducted over the past 12 months.

Swansea appears on the list as #1.

Laura Howard, Consumer Expert at Zoopla, commented on the data. She said: “When it comes to the most searched-for post towns on Zoopla in the last 12 months, as ever, the proof is in the data.

“And, with SA4 and SA15 ranking first and second in the list, the data shows that South Wales reigns supreme.

“This year’s popularity could be partly attributed to the employment opportunities of nearby Swansea combined with The Gower, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on your doorstep.

“And at under £140,000 in SA15 and £175,000 in Swansea, average house prices are also still relatively affordable and fall under the Land Transaction Tax thresholds for Wales – welcome news for first-time buyers.”

The full list is below;

Most popular towns to buy property in Great Britain, outside London

1. Swansea – average property value £174,551

2. Llanelli – average property value £137,046

3. Leicester – average property value £217,675

4. Preston – average property value £180,658

5. Stoke-on-Trent – average property value £145,879

6. Newcastle-under-Lyme – average property value £184,311

7. Dumfries – average property value £159,637

8. Coventry – average property value £163,339

9. Inverness – average property value £206,338

10. Dunfermline – average property value £185,435