Landlords Are “Optimistic” Despite Brexit Warnings

According to new research, UK Landlords remain “Optimistic” about investing in property even with Brexit uncertainty.

Two thirds are positive about property investment, investment growth and yields, whilst 64% are keen to see growth in the buy-to-let sector in the next 3 years. 13% of UK Landlords are reportedly “Very optimistic”.

The report was commissioned by Cambridge & Counties Bank and included several hundred landlords.

The survey also suggests that a significant number of landlords are using the current market volatility to grow their portfolios with 19% looking to grow their portfolios by a third and 11% want to double it over the next three years. Just 19% of landlords are looking to sell.

However, Brexit remained a key uncertainty for property sector professionals. 40% of UK Landlords surveyed admitted that it tops the list of concerns, primarily because of rising interest rates, a lack of confidence in the stability of leaders and rising levels of tax.

While the buy to let sector is viewed most positively, a similar number of landlords, some 61%, are equally optimistic about student accommodation in terms of growth with 16% being very optimistic. Office buildings and properties are viewed positively by 41% of respondents, although almost a third are not optimistic.

The survey also found a large proportion of landlords are planning on refurbishing their buy-to-let properties, with an average of £10,000 to be spent per home. 11% of landlords claimed they will spend more than £20,000.